Saturday, November 19, 2016

Book Review - Saving Grace by Julie Garwood


This is still one of my favorites from Julie Garwood. I still think she should have stayed to writing historicals instead of going contemporary. But I digress...

 Yes, there were some portions that dragged a little bit. But, there were also a lot of times that I literally laughed out loud. I loved that Johanna was not the typical heroine. She already went through a difficult marriage, to put it mildly. Yet, despite that, she was able to find herself again. She was also able to maintain her compassion and ability to love. She didn't become hard and cynical.

 I loved that Gabriel was not the usual hero either. He was the bastard son of a laird and had to find his own way. I also liked the secondary characters. I even wished Ms. Garwood had written a book about Nicholas and Clare. Let me not forget Alex and Auggie, who were both adorable.

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