Saturday, September 10, 2016

Book Review - Saving Steele By Anne Jolin

Release Date: Feb. 10, 2016


I fell in love with Ryker Steele. That's the bottom line for me. That boy tugged at my heart and would not let go. My heart broke at what he had to go through with his biological mother. My heart saw his pain, his uncertainty, his insecurity. But I also saw his resilience, his intelligence, his sassiness ("Pizza you eat wif your hands Kenz") and his road to healing.

Which brings me to what I like most about this book. This is more than a romantic love story. It is a love story between a father and son, who although previously unknown to each other, bonded and developed a loving and healthy relationship. It is also about a teacher, who cannot have kids of her own, so she pours her love out to all her students, especially to Ryker. Even Jackson's parents and Kennedy's brother surround the three of them with so much love and support.

But, it is a romance novel so I have to review that aspect. I like how Jackson and Kennedy did not jump into having sex right away. There was a build up to their physical intimacy. I like how there wasn't a "forced" conflict in the story. Sometimes, authors will bring about an event in the story just to create the conflict or drama. Not in this case, the drama was inherent in the story as it was part of it from the get go. 

There were several issues (sexual harassment by a coworker, infertility, mental illness) that were dealt with lightly but, to me, that is acceptable, as I don't think a fictional love story is the place to delve deeply into those.

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